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Moscatelli, Damiano. 2019. "Lo spiraglio aperto sul petto": a paradigmatic metaphor in Vittorio Alfieri's "La finestrina". Studi Classici e Orientali 65 (2) : 533–545. 13 pp. URL
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Università di Pisa


The paper investigates the works by Vittorio Alfieri and more precisely the use a paradigmatic metaphor in his “La Finestrina”. The analysis deals with the traditional theme of the opened window, already developed in the ancient literature, and focuses on the Alfierian comedy where the opened window is used as an image of the revelation of the truth. Specifically, the second part of the article explores the distinctive features of “La Finestrina” and highlights Alfieri’s sceptical view of the human work and industry. After the analysis of some passages, in which particular attention is payed to the syntactic and textual structure and to the lexical elements, the paper focuses on Alfieri's attitude towards the subject, from his personal theoretical perspective to his actual use of rhetorical figures of speech. The analysis gives the opportunity to explore the relationship between the use of metaphoric devices and the moral satire. Philosophers, scholars and clerics are all depicted by means of the metaphor of the window opened on the human heart: it is an effective and impressive way of expressing the idea that they are all moved by vanity and personal interests in their actions.