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Pasqualone, Massimo. 2019. The metaphor of "ciammaichella": Words, people and stories of Abruzzi. Armando Curcio Editore. 90 pp. URL
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Book – monograph
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The book is mainly focused on the analysis of lexicon in the Abruzzi dialect, a region in the centre of Italy where dialect represents cultural and social identity. After a first part devoted to the investigation of etymological and sociolinguistic elements traced in the dialect starting from ancient Greek, Byzantine, Latin, Longboard, German and Spanish origins, the author aims at providing a full representation of the Abruzzi popular culture from its intercultural components to the catholic traditions, strictly related to the religious rites of the Passion of Christ where it is possible to recognize all the values and the way of life of an ancient community, by means of linguistic and cultural elements. The whole investigation of the different aspects of this socio-cultural background is based on the metaphoric representation of Abruzzi as a ‘ciammaichella’, the snail, symbol of a region which is proud, strong and full of inspiration thanks to its language, culture and sights. The snail is the image of a studied and coherent project, which proceeds cyclically as the coils of a snail till the fundamental core, which is, in the author’s view, the Abruzzi region.