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Marczak, Marek. 2019. Konceptualne metafory olfaktoryczne w internetowych opisach perfum (Conceptual olfactory metaphors in online perfume descriptions). Białostockie Archiwum Językowe 19 : 225–252. 28 pp.
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Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu w Białymstoku


The paper offers an analysis of metaphors found in non-specialist internet descriptions of perfume scents. The analysis proves that there is a tendency to conceptualize perfume scent within the conceptual framework typical of olfactory perception allowing for such elements as, e.g. nature, humans and their products. When it comes to creative realizations of metaphors included in the descriptions, the change from SCENT to PERFUME in the original domain is observed: it emphasizes the divisive character of fragrance and the overall aspect of its sensory cognition.