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Reem Ahmad Rabea, Ahmad Mahmoud Saidat. 2019. The Mortality of Metaphors: A Semantic-pragmatic Study of the Conventionalization of Jordanian Arabic. International Journal of Applied Linguistics and English Studies 8 (1) : 43–53. 11 pp.
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The objective of the present paper is to examine the mortality of metaphorical expressions used in Jordan. In particular, the paper explores the semantic-pragmatic aspects of metaphorical expressions, i.a. conventionalization, opaqueness, the pragmatic significance, and, finally, whether the implications drawn from metaphors change over time or whether they rather depend on the pragmatic settings. Moreover, the paper explores to what extent the age of the speaker plays an important role while referring to the conveyed meaning both from encoders’ as well as decoders’ perspective. The analysis carried out on 500 participants of three different age groups indicates that metaphors in Jordan can be categorized into three groups, viz. active, vanished and dead ones.