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Imran Ho-Abdullah, Mohammad Khawaldah, Adnan Mjali Mbaideen, Ashinida Binti Aladdin. 2019. Acoustic Prepositional Deletion in the Quran: The Case of إلى , ilā. A Constructional Grammar Approach. International Journal of Applied Linguistics and English Studies 8 (3) : 55–65. 11 pp.
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The article studies the linguistic phenomenon of Acoustic Prepositional Deletion (APD) ( نزع الخافض سماعيا , nazʿi al-khāfiḍ smaʿyan) found in the Quran, focusing in particular on deleting the preposition إلى , ilā from some verses of the Quran despite being preceded by an intransitive verb. The proposed study is Cognitive Linguistics- oriented, with a particular emphasis on Construction Grammar used here to account for in what way the (non)existence of an element (i.e. preposition) of a given construction results in the alternation of the spatial relationships existing between its elements, as well as what sort of consequences ensue due to the manipulation of the existing relationships.