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Zhu, Jinɡ-jin. 2020. A Study of “V Xialai” Semantic Acquisition under the Framework of Process Category. Studies in Philosophy of Science and Technology 5 : 88–95. 8 pp. URL
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At present, the research of Chinese compound directional complements is a single complement semantic research mostly. And there is no unified and consistent explanation to these all compound directional complements. The unclear semantic interpretation of each complement leads to many problems in the second language learners. Based on the framework of process category, this paper takes “V Xialai” as an example to analyze its displacement path, and finds that its path focus on “direction” and “goal”. In addition, the features of the 6 semantic items “V Xialai” are serialized in the core vein of [+ direction down] [+ highlight the end point]. Based on the above analysis, this paper argues that the second language teachers should grasp the semantic core of “V Xialai” through the whole teaching of this structure.