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Zhao, Wan- li. 2020. The Style Formation of Traditional Technique and Its Network Metaphor——Reflections on Lefebvre’s Critical Theory of Industrial Society. Studies in Philosophy of Science and Technology 37 (5) : 59–66. 8 pp. URL
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“Technical” and “Artistic” are two sides of traditional technology. This paper uses the actor-network theory to analyze the transformation from traditional technology to modern technology represented by Fen Liquor brewing technology. It is found that from scattered experience to the finalization of technology is a process of cooperation among government, market and craftsmen. This transformation in the field of technology,different fromLefebvre’s criticism of modern industrial society,is a process of “style” reinvention. With the successful establishment of standards, the traditional technology changed from “intentional” technology to “standardized” technology. Under the background of intelligent production, traditional technology has put forward higher requirements for the inheritors, that is, from the mastery of highly concentrated skills to the “re-skilled” division of labor transformation, so that the ancient skills can be inherited and continued in the industrial society.