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Chen, Jian and Haosheng Ye. 2020. The Concealment of Meaning On the “Body” in Embodied Cognition. Journal of Central China Normal University (Humanities and Social Sciences) 59 (5) : 187–192. 6 pp. URL
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The philosophical thought since Descartes shows a transformation from thinking to action, from inside to outside, from individualism to holism, from isolation to interaction. One of the important reasons is the emphasis on the connotation of body. Similarly,the two connotations of body also have two important influences in psychology. First, the absence of body leads to the dilemma of traditional cognitivism, and “the body is involved in the formation of cognition” becomes an academic consensus, which leads to the transformation from traditional cognitivism to embodied cognition. Second, in the current academic context, embodied cognitive thought and postmodernism have something in common. The concept of “body” plays an important: role in this process.