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Ge, Lujia. 2020. The Metaphor of Thought Evolution and Theoretical Construct in Psychology. Journal of Shaanxi Normal University (Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition) 49 (5) : 155–165. 11 pp.
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The different psychologists would use and grasp different metaphors in the thought evolution and theoretical construct of psychology. The investigating and explaining of the metaphor have to give psychology a kind of research distinction, and involuntarily, a kind of exploration deepening and constructing. In the special meanings, the history of development of psychology has to be the history of metaphors changing the testimony of psychological development. The development of psychological theories has been following psychological metaphors changings. The channels that metaphor research gets into psychology include metaphor that psychology would explore and that exist in psychological research. Those would become many different disciplines for a joint job, mutual cooperation, interplaying promotion and multiple application, regardless of catching metaphor existences, revealing metaphor changes, explaining metaphor natures, determining metaphor functions or understanding metaphor meanings.