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Du, Xuan, Jiayi Lin and Lijing Chen. 2020. The Space-time Metaphor of the Children and Teenagers. Psychological Development and Education 36 (5) : 513–519. 7 pp.
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The present study investigated the “left- past, right- future’ space- time metaphor for the children and teenagers. This study recruited 100 elementary, junior and senior high school students (Grades 3, 6, 9 and 12) from 4 schools in Hui' an, Quanzhou, China. Participants categorized a series of phrases as referring to the past or to the future by pressing a left or a right key. Results showed that the “past-left, future- right” time space match was responded faster and more accurate than the mismatch condition, supporting the psychological reality of the “left-past, right future” space-time metaphor for the children and teenagers. In Summary, the children and teenagers from Grade 3 to Grade 12 have a space time metaphor similar to the adults. This finding supports the Metaphoric-Structuring View.