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Li, Jin. 2019. Bidirectional Mapping of Metaphor: The Representation Relation between Weight Concept and Degree Category. Chinese Journal of Clinical Psychology 27 (1) : 1–9. 9 pp.
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Objective: To exam the psychological reality and the reflective relationship between weight concept and degree category. Methods: In the current study, a balance scale (representing physical weight) and degree adverbs (expressing the degree category) were used to investigate the relationship between the weight concept and the degree category using a priming paradigm. In the different experiment, participants were asked to judge the direction of degree adverbs or weights.Results: In the experiment 1, priming the balance pointer as the direction of weight, we found that high degree adverbs were responded faster when they appeared in the same side of weights. However, the phenomenon vanished when the balance pointer merely refers to the direction rather than the weight in the experiment 2. In the Experiment 3, priming the degree adverbs, the weights were responded faster when they appeared in the same side of high degree adverbs. Conclusion:These results indicate that the weight concept influences the processing of degree adverbs and vice versa, which is consistent with the theory of embodied cognition. In addition, the causes of the overestimation behavior may result from the metaphor-related.