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Yulia Badryzlova; Yekaterina Isaeva; Natalia Shekhtman; Ruslan Kerimov, Yulia Badryzlova; Yekaterina Isaeva; Natalia Shekhtman; Ruslan Kerimov. 2013. Annotating a Russian corpus of conceptual metaphor: a bottom-up approach. 10 pp.
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Book – conference proceedings
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The paper offers a presentation of rules applied while annotating a Russian metaphor corpus with the aid of the web-based tool fot text annotation, BRAT. The article is twofold: the first part describes the procedures of ‘shallow’ annotation (i.e. a situation in which metaphor-related words are identified on the basis of the modified version of the MIPVU procedure) and the second part deals with the annotation of conceptual metaphors (the so-called ‘deep’ annotation). Using the above procedures, the authors aim at presenting how to successfully describe the multifaceted nature of metaphor –related words (in case of ‘shallow ’annotation), as well as how to make the metaphor formulation process more controllable during the ‘deep’ annotation process.