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Raimondo Anselmino, Natalia, Natalia Aruguete and Francisco Hernando Arri. 2019. Apostilles around the journalistic discourse on crime and insecurity: figurations of the victims and the perpetrators in Argentine television news broadcasts. Galáxia 42 : 23–39. 17 pp.
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The article examines the ways in which central characters of TV news in Argentina are represented figuratively in terms of either victims or victimizers. The article set within the framework of the project “From ownership to reception. Comprehensive study of the productive circuit of the news about crime and insecurity in the television news programs with the highest audience in Argentina” is based on Traversa’s (1997) idea of figuration and re-read by Fernández and Tobi (2009). It aims at identifying chains of operation, that is, certain important recurrences on the way victims and perpetrators are construed figuratively in TV discourses in Argentina.