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Zou, Qing. 2020. An Interpretation of “Architecture at the Limits of Language” Reading Alberto Pérez-Gómez’s Built upon Love. Architectural Journal 12 : 106–112. 7 pp.
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The linguistic interpretation of architecture reveals the analogy relationship between architecture and language in the process of co-creating architectural meaning. The core is to explore the unique language mechanism of architecture itself. The method is to interpret the task of architecture through critical Hermeneutics. The motivation is to guide people how to deeply understand the meaning of architecture. The purpose of this study is to use the specific horizons of linguistic interpretation such as “analogy, diachronic, pictorial, metaphorical, critical” linguistic ways to explain architecture, and finally point out that the integration of phenomenology and hermeneutic methods is a good prescription for interpreting the deep-seated problems in architecture.