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Xia, Liu, Fangwen Zhang, Xiao Ma and Yun Tao. 2020. The Emotional Metaphor of Difficult Concepts and Its Bidirectional Mapping. Chinese Journal of Applied Psychology 26 (4) : 367–375. 9 pp. URL
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To explore the implicit links between difficult concepts and emotions, 58 college students completed two experiments which applied the sequential priming paradigm. The results showed that participants under the congruent condition (positive emotion/ ease, negative emotion/difficulty; ease/positive emotion, difficulty/negative emotion) were processed significantly faster than the incongruent condition (positive emotion/difficulty, negative emotion/ease; ease/negative emotion, difficulty/positive emotion). These results indicate that positive emotion could imply ease, negative emotion could imply difficulty, ease could carry positive emotion, difficulty could carry negative emotion. Taken together, these findings provide direct evidence for the bidirectional mapping of difficult concepts and emotions.