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Qu, Yingmei and Shuang Peng. 2020. A Bibliometric Study of Grammatical Metaphor in China. Journal of Jiangxi Normal University(Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition) 53 (6) : 154–160. 7 pp. URL
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Grammatical metaphor, which widely exists in languages, is the result of remapping of semantics strata and lexico-grammar strata. After the proposal of Halliday in the 1980s, the theory of grammatical metaphor developed continuously with the work of scholars domestic and abroad. Chinese scholars have made a lot of contributions in theoretical and applicable research in grammatical metaphor. Based on CiteSpace analysis tool and CNKl database, this article is to aim at analyzing the development and situation of grammatical metaphor research of Chinese scholars between the years of 1996 and 2000.