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Lin, Zhengjun and Zhang Hui. 2020. Sketching a Semantic Interaction Model for Lexical Collocating Constructions with "Adj.+ N." Examples. Journal of Foreign Languages 43 (6) : 64–72. 9 pp. URL
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The lexical collocating construction refers to the linguistic unit consisting of two or more words. This study sketches a semantic interaction model of the lexical collocating construction through the analysis of the "Adj.+N." instances, aiming at delving into its cognitive motivation. The findings are as follows: (1)The possibility of the lexical collocating construction depends on the consensus between the constructional components. When the meanings of constructional components are totally compatible, the prototypical collocating construction emerges; when they are partially compatible, the atypical collocating construction emerges through the joint effort of the construction coercion, the interaction between the constructional components, and the influence of contextual factors, which embodies the principle of cognitive economy. (2) Conceptual metaphor and metonymy are the two cognitive mechanisms of the lexical meaning extension in the formation of atypical collocating constructions.(3)In the formation of lexical collocating constructions, the patterns of semantic interaction between constructional components include conventional meaning+conventional meaning, derivational meaning+conventional meaning, and derivational meaning + derivational meaning.