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Tan, Jizun. 2020. Psychopathology in the post-ethical era: diagnosis and treatment. Journal of Southeast University(Philosophy and Social Science) 22 (6). 34+152 pp.
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Like other epidemics, COVID-19 has torn apart the fabric of our society. It is not only a pathological test on the nature of social relations, but also an ideological test on the social ethics today. We find that pathology can be used to explain social situations, and accordingly provides a theoretical support for a healthy spiritual life. In fact, inspired by the phenomenology of mind, psychopathological method has been borrowed to investigate the origin of modernity by social theorists such as Weber and Baumann, and still works in the critical social theory of various dimensions. Scholars at home discuss the essence of the over-one-century spiritual transformation of the Chinese nation and its underlying reasons under the topic of the"post ethical era". The "post ethics" is also the situation that the late modernity or the reflexive modernization must be faced with. To live a healthy spiritual life, we expect the 'arrival' of both ethics and morality to reduce the uncertainties about our future.