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Dong, Yan. 2021. The Features and Productivity of the Construction “Shi (是)+ Double-Syllable Modal Verb (能愿动词双)+ De (的)”. Journal of Xinjiang University(Philosophy,Humanities & Social Sciences) 49 (1) : 144–150. 7 pp.


This paper examined the features and productivity of the construction “Shi (是)+ Double-Syllable Modal Verb (能愿动词双)+De (的)” from the aspect of constructional coercion. This construction is used to express judgment, a result of predicate implicitness. The double-syllable modal verbs are suppressed and given the function of verbs. The constructional features mainly include the qualia role of “De (的)” and the de-categorization of the modal verb, while its whole feature focuses on the emphasis and subjective evaluation. The construction of “Modal Verb (能愿动词双) + De (的)” hold the function of the response discourse marker in “Keyi (可以)”, “Yinggai (应该)” and “Bixu (必须)”, which is the manifestation of a pragmatic generalization after high frequency use.