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Zhang, Aijun and Ruiting Hou. 2021. “Political Sprouting” and Its Adjustment in the Spread of Emoticon Pack. Journal of the Party School of Tianjin Committee of the CPC 23 (1) : 28–36. 9 pp.
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The application of emoticon package in the political field has the characteristics of political sprouting, and makes political life and entertainment. The same expression pack can be endowed with different political connotations in the use process, and the diversified expression packs can also be endowed with the same political connotation. The expression pack has both positive and negative functions on politics, which are mainly reflected in the specific context and the political psychology, political ethics and political values of the users. The positive function of emoticon package will promote the development of political civilization and promote the modernization of national governance system and governance capacity. The negative function will hinder the progress of political civilization, affect and destroy the sense of dignity, authority of political power and seriousness of political process. It is necessary to strengthen the regulation of the application of emoticon package to make it Conducive to political development and progress. It is necessary to strengthen the construction of system, rule of law, environment and user literacy.