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Zhang, Jisheng, Dong Liu, Xiang Peng and Qi Li. 2021. Metaphor, Blending, Medium: Functional Representation of Symbolic Signs in Folk Sports Activity Rituals in View of Luojinshe Dragon Boat Race. Journal of Wuhan Institute of Physical Education 55 (1) : 33–39. 7 pp.
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Symbol is the smallest unit in the ceremony that retains the unique attributes of ritual behavior. It is also the basic unit of the unique structure in the ritual context. Adopting anthropological fieldwork, in-depth description and other research methods, this paper studied Luojins he Dragon Boat Race ritual through ritual process and symbols. It showed that the preparations included mobilization, ship repair and athlete training. The ritual process included seven stages of worshiping the gods, requesting the river, visiting the port, praying for safety, leaving the club, worshipping the gods in different communities, and setting off. The symbols mainly included materialized symbols, behavioral symbols, sensory symbols, natural symbols, social symbols, and virtual symbols. Functions of symbols mainly served as metaphor representing condensed meaning, blending as a carrier for emotional communication, medium as a dialogue between man and the gods.