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Wang, Nanshi. 2021. Reconstruction of the “Spectator” Perspective in “Theatre Metaphor”: The Key to the Generation of Marx’s Dialectics as a Methodology in Social Sciences. Southeast Academic Research 1. 12+246 pp.
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What appear directly in “theatre metaphor” are both “playwright” and “dramatis persona” but it also implies a perspective of “spectator”. Therefore, the three perspectives in this metaphor and the relationship among them can be used to examine the similarities and differences in dialectics between Marx and Kant and Hegel and his transcendence. The transcendence lies in that Marx, on the one hand, transcends Hegel’s infinite subject and based on human finitude, explains how’ dramatis persona “Is also “playwright”; on the other hand, with the help of Hegel’s dynamic dialectics, he reconstructs a limited “spectator” perspective of Kant’s philosophy and realizes the unity of “spectator” and “playwright” as “actor” and “dramatis persona”, thus solving the problem of how it is possible to effectively transform the world. Marx’s dialectics as methodology in social sciences understood in the reconstruction of this “spectator” perspective is undoubtedly of great exemplary significance to the construction of philosophy and social sciences with Chinese characteristics which is under urgent progress.