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Ferrero Carracedo, Fernando. 2010. El Nietzsche de Klossowski: de la metáfora a la metamorfosis. Escritura e Imagen 6.
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In Pierre Klossowski’s interpretation about the thought of Nietzsche, fundamentally based on the posthumous fragments of his last lucid decade, both the parodic and simulating play of simulacrums on the transgressing mesh of the deus dialectus solecismus and the vertiginous experience of the eternal return under de disseminating sign in the circulus uitiosus deus result in a ontological catastrophe as an absorption of both the true and the apparent world by the fable, where, beyond the play of metaphors, the metamorphosis is claimed. That brings with it a new manner to pose the relationship between metaphor and metaphysics and a singular form to understand the act of thinking: the representationist, extensive, significant, and therefore metaphoric language, that is the one of the ontotheology, is replaced by a pathic, embodying, intensive, antistrophic language, which is that of the simulation of being. The implementation of this pathic simulation language carries Nietzsche to postulate, as strategy, the obstinate histrionic gesture and the metamorphosing play of masks. Nevertheless, all that shouldn’t lead us to aphasia and silence: the question of language and writing would be a question of style, without forgetting that, under the figure of the vicious circle, language itself has become a simulacrum.