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Nadežda, Silaški. 2013. Animal Metaphors and Semantic Derogation – Do Women Think Differently from Men? Gender Studies 12 (1) : 319–332. 14 pp.
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University of the West Timişoara - The Interdisciplinary Center of Gender Studies,Timişoara, Romania


ABSTRACT: The present papes offers a study on animal metaphors that are used in Serbian language to indicate physical and mental traits of women. The experiment was carried out among Serbian students of both sexes who were asked to apply 20 animal names to wome to indicated the above-mentioned parameters. There are three main objectives of the proposed study: (i) To indicate which animal names are used as positive or negative metaphors while describing women (ii) To examine whether the semantic derogation of women is the result of the same animal imagery used by both sexes (iii) To examine whether male students exhibit a higher degree of semantic derogation of women while using animal metaphors in comparison to female students.