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Oropeza, Clara. 2013. The (Mal) Creation of Food the Monsanto Way: A Call to Return a Mythic Sensitivity to Food Production. Mythological Studies Journal 4 : 1–9. 9 pp.
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Pacifica Graduate Institute


In this article, the writer by means of metaphors and based on mythology stresses the need for a mythic connection to Mother Earth, so that the attitude towards Nature and natural products can be harmonized. The phrase which confirms such a connection and which is the core concept of the analysis is: “we are what we eat”. However, this is misunderstood in modern times as the perception that dominates is that man is superior and in a position to control “God’s creation”; a perception in which science replaces God. In the text, science is depicted as the world’s leading chemical companies, “Monsanto”, formerly known as Aroclor. With the myths of Seneca of the Sky Woman, Iroquois mythology and the Christian tradition, the writer suggests that the perception of the Mother Earth as a woman that nurtures humanity is essential in order to build respect towards life and Nature itself: “Mother Earth as a womb that gives birth to the abundance of life”.