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Pritchard, Jamie, Nicolas Rothen, Daniel Coolbear and Jamie Ward. 2013. Enhanced associative memory for colour (but not shape or location) in synaesthesia. Cognition 127 : 230–234. 5 pp.
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This paper explores the case of grapheme-colour synaesthesia, a developmental condition according to which numbers are experienced as colours, words as tastes and time as a spatial configuration. This type of synaesthesia follows an atypical pattern for memory ability, especially when it comes to visual perception. The present study tests experimentally visual cognitive skills: a) conjunctions for colours, b) shapes and c) locations. The results agree with previous studies and have shown that synaesthetes have a better memory performance when they are asked to associate visual stimuli with colour and shape. The findings further suggest that synaesthetes have a better episodic memory when colour functions as a discriminating feature.