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Curran, Georgia. 2010. Linguistic imagery in Warlpiri songs: Some examples of metaphors, metonymy and image-schemata in Minamina Yawulyu. Australian Journal of Linguistics 30 (1) : 105–115. 11 pp.
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The language of Aboriginal songs is often unintelligible to anyone without extensive ritual knowledge. This article focuses on the Minamina Yawulyu, a song cycle performed by Warlpiri women from Yuendumu community, Central Australia. What is remarkable in this example is that the song cycle does not display many instances of ritual or archaic words, or phonological phenomena that would distinguish it from everyday Warlpiri. The song cycle applies connotative language, which makes the song impossible to understand without knowledge of the symbolic associations intended. This method makes it possible to control how ritual knowledge is transmitted, and who gains access to it. In this paper the author presents and their interpretation by Warlpiri informants.