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Marshall. 2014. Corporate Psychopathy: Can ‘Search and Destroy’ and ‘Hearts and Minds’ Military Metaphors Inspire HRM Solutions? Journal of Business Ethics : 1–10. 10 pp.
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The activities carried out within the Human Resources Management (HRM) departments (e.g. employee recruitment, training, performance appraisal, rewarding) have not been traditionally designed to identify and eliminate corporate psychopathy (CP). For this reason, the present research puts forward several corporate HRM solutions inspired from military strategies, such as ‘Search and Destroy’ (SD) and ‘Hearts and Minds’ (HM). These military metaphors are intended to eradicate the problems brought about CP, namely imprudence, corruption and concealment. The corporate strategy based on the SD metaphor involves the detection of corporate psychopaths and their removal from leading positions through the use of psychometric instruments, such as the ‘B-Scan 360’. The HM-inspired corporate strategy refers to solutions, such as the promotion of positive role models, ethics training for corporate managers or different kinds of reward and recognition for ethical behavior.