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Krennmayr, Tina, Brian Bowdle, Gerben Mulder and Gerard J. Steen. 2014. Economic Competition is like Auto Racing: Building Metaphorical Schemas when Reading Text. Metaphor and the Social World 4 (1) : 65–89. 25 pp.
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Amsterdam: John Benjamins


According to Conceptual Metaphor Theory, the ubiquity of metaphor in language constitutes evidence that we think metaphorically. By questioning such an injunction, the authors of this article conducted an experiment in order to investigate conditions in which people build their textual representations, that is, what would be the effect of signaling and conventionality in the textual representations built by people. Based on the results of this experiment, the authors consider that people are more likely to metaphorically structure their textual representations to the extent that the text presents new metaphorical expressions. In sum, the article discusses the results from an experiment using Conceptual Metaphor Theory, especially the role of deliberateness in metaphor processing.