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Amouzadeh, Mohammad and Manoochehr Tavangar. 2004. Decoding pictorial metaphor: Ideologies in Persian commercial advertising. Preliminary materials of the "Cultural semantics in language and speech" workshop in honour of V. Telia 7 (2) : 147–174. 28 pp.
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This article focuses primarily on pictorial metaphors used by advertising firms in pre-and post-revolutionary Iran. By comparing the two sets of data, it argues that one of the main functions of pictorial metaphor in the post-revolutionary period is to reconcile two types of competing and conflicting ideologies: one based on advertising and the other inspired by Islamic values. Advertisers are not allowed, in post-revolutionary times, to manipulate the picture of women for their intended publicity of commercial products. However, they do employ some pictorial metaphors to redress the balance. The article also addresses other issues related to cultural and social aspects of contemporary Iran as reflected in Persian commercial advertisements. (Mohammad Amouzadeh and Manoochehr Tavangar)