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Anaki, David, Miriam Faust and Shlomo Kravctz. 1998. Cerebral hemispheric asymmetries in processing lexical metaphors (1). Neuropsychologia 36 (4) : 353–362. 10 pp.
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This study investigated semantic priming for literal ('stinging-mosquito') and metaphoric ('stinging-insult') associates presented to either the left or right visual fields (RVF/LVR) across stimulus-onset asynchronies (SOA) of 200 and 800 msec. For the short SOA condition, facilitation was found for metaphorically related targets in both visual fields (VFs), while literally related targets were facilitated only in the RVF. For the long SOA condition, metaphorically related targets were facilitated in the LVF, whereas literally related targets were facilitated in the RVF. These results support previous findings indicating an enhanced role of the RH in metaphoric comprehension. In addition, the present results are in accordance with current models of hemispheric semantic processing. (LLBA 1999, vol. 33, n. 1)