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Anonymous. 2003. Computer use as philosophy in operation: Metaphors of the inner game. URL
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From Introduction The focus here is on how people sustain their sense of identity through use of computers. Many aspects of the theme, and the justification for exploring it have been articulated by Sherry Turkle ('Life on the Screen: Identity in the Age of the Internet', 1995). That study is not about computers, but about people and how computers are causing them to reevaluate their identities in the age of the Internet. People are using life on the screen to engage in new ways of thinking about evolution, relationships, politics, sex, and the self. What had struck her in an earlier study ('The Second Sel.: Computers and the Human Spirit', 1984) was that otherwise bright students found no more powerful metaphor for themselves than that of a machine - a concern that continues to be debated. (Laetus in praesens)