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MARTINS, Suelen. 2020. Sobre metáfora, cognição, emoção e reframe:: reflexões em tempos de pandemia. Revista ABRALIN 19 (2) : 1–5.
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Brazilian Portuguese


This text includes considerations made by Filardo-Llamas et al. at the round table Metaphor, cognition and emotion: reflections in times of pandemicat the virtual event Abralin ao Vivo: Linguists Online. On the occasion, the researchers presented the international, open and collaborative initiative #ReframeCovid, a project that emerged from conversations on Twitter between cognitive linguists from several countries. Methodologically, the presenters used as reference the menu of metaphors for people living with Semino's cancer (2019), in order to reflect on the possible metaphorical frameworks about the Covid-19 pandemic, with emphasis on the use of war metaphors, and to propose the discussion on alternative frameworks to those related to the idea of war. Filardo-Llamas et al. discussed the consequent negative emotional effects caused by the warlike metaphors used in texts of different genres, mainly in multimodals.