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Aguiar, Cristhiano and João Leonel. 2021. Lázaro:: Realismo e ironia em João 11:1-55.
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Article in journal
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Brazilian Portuguese


This article proposes a literary analysis of an important episode in the Gospel of John: that of the resurrection of Lazarus, narrated exclusively in the Gospel quoted in chapter 11, verses from 1-55. The reading will try to stick to some elements: 1. standard scenes and parallelisms; 2. the construction of mo- ments of narrative suspense and tension; 3. the characterization of the charac- ters, with an emphasis on the construction of the figure of Jesus in the episode; 4. the handling of codes and procedures linked to the notions of “realism” and “irony”. The analysis will be based on the translation of the Gospel of John made by Frederico Lourenço (2017). As a theoretical basis, our research is based on A arte da narrativa bíblica (ALTER, 2007), New testament history and literature (MARTIN, 2012), Mimesis (AUERBACH, 2021), Abaixo as verdades sagradas (BLOOM, 2012), and Ironia e suas refrações (ALAVARCE, 2009).