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Price, David William. 2020. Library, classroom and action centre: design metaphors that shape pedagogy, roles and success criteria for online courses. Pedagogies: An International Journal 15 (2) : 106–126.
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Moving courses online can amplify a pedagogy of compliance and result in an expensive development that resists change. Alternatively, moving online can expand the pedagogy, roles and success criteria for a course. The literature lacks multi-case analysis of complex online courses. This multiple case study uses activity theory to examine the development and adaptations of four online writing courses at universities in North America. The results suggest three design metaphors that predict expectations for criteria for success, pedagogical approach and development, and adaptability to change. A library metaphor focuses on isolated individuals studying packaged content and is resistant to change. A classroom metaphor focuses on facilitating interactions of students with existing content. In the library and classroom, moving online and responding to learner difficulties can amplify compliance pedagogy. In contrast, an action centre metaphor expands pedagogy and the roles of learners and their community by embracing collaboration, ongoing feedback and meaningful revision to address a community need. Design metaphors can be used to plan, categorize or evaluate online courses.