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Contini , Annamaria. 2021. Black e Ricœur filosofi della metafora. Aisthema 7 (1) : 117–151.
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The theories of metaphor developed by Max Black and Paul Ricœur are among the most relevant in twentieth-century philosophy. Having both criticized the reduction of metaphor to a stylistic frill, there is a tendency to privilege the elements of continuity between their perspectives. Black and Ricœur, however, embody two opposing views on metaphor, emphasizing its heuristic force (Black) or rather its creative power (Ricœur). This contribution intends to highlight how their positions tend to broaden and enrich each other, including the initially less considered aspect. The analysis thus provides an opportunity to question the possibility, in today's philosophical debate, of holding together both the linguistic and conceptual nature of metaphor as well as its heuristic as well as innovative value.