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Badger, Eugenia Elaine. 2004. Metaphors, beliefs, and sayings about the Day of the Dead: A cross-cultural comparison. Bloomington, Ind.. 107 pp.
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Ph.D dissertation
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Metaphors are a very important part of our language and often relate to conceptual thought processes. By studying cross-cultural metaphors it should be possible to learn more about a culture and its people. Therefore, considering that more Mexicans are in the United States today than ever, this survey looks at the metaphors of a Mexican celebration called The Day of the Dead. This study utilizes these metaphors, beliefs, and sayings as a starting point to learn about linguistic differences between Americans and Mexicans. Seventy-five Americans and thirty-one Mexicans participated in a survey containing Day of the Dead metaphors, beliefs, and sayings. Additionally, five Mexicans were interviewed about the Day of the Dead and their experiences. Results of the survey were statistically significant that Mexicans have a different viewpoint of death than Americans and that they use language concerning the Day of the Dead differently than Americans. For example, the metaphors "Life is a dream" and "Death is skinny" were both significant items on the survey for the Mexicans. Results of the interviews also made positive contributions to the field of study. Burial traditions were put forward to further the existing literature. Ideas for future research are given after a discussion about the metaphor survey and the interview data. (LLBA, Accession Number 200508972, (c) CSA [2004]. All rights reserved)