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Cherry, Daniel and Jeff Spiegel. 2006. Leadership, Myth, & Metaphor: Finding Common Ground to Guide Effective School Change. Thousand Oaks, Calif.: Corwin Press. 120 pp.
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Book – monograph
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1412927080 (pb); 1412927072 (hb)


How do you see yourself as an educator? How would you describe yourself as a leader? Have you ever considered using metaphors to reframe your leadership practice, vision, and mission? Often, leaders stumble when asked to articulate their values, ethics, and purpose. This book illustrates the significance of leadership archetypes and metaphoric reframing in understanding and facilitating organizational change. 'Leadership, Myth, & Metaphor' reports on the findings of a professional development study - funded by the Gates Foundation - of more than 250 superintendents and principals, celebrating educators, unique individual core values while acknowledging their shared intrinsic beliefs, including: * A commitment to a cause beyond oneself; * A devotion to an ethic of care; * A desire to improve the condition of society; * A wish to make a significant impression on student and adult lives; * A conviction to inspire others to seek their full potential. Awareness of yourself on a personal and professional level leads to a deeper consideration of your mission as a leader and of your purpose in life. (Publisher Book Description)