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Orkibi, Eithan. 2012. L’insulte comme argument et outil de cadrage dans le mouvement «anti-Sarko». Argumentation et Analyse du Discours 8 (2012).
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Drawing on a large corpus from the French “Anti-Sarko” movement, this article explores the meanings and functions of the insults in the rhetoric of protest. Using Frame Analysis methods, the article first classifies different categories of insults in the “anti-Sarko” humoristic genre, and then demonstrates how these categories form together the fundamental “anti-Sarko” argument. The article argues that the insults play a central role in the movement’s effort to frame its cause and motives. The rhetoric of insults also enables the relatively fragmented and divided movement to reunite against a common enemy, and to reflect a shared set of values with which the “average-French” could easily identify. (Abstract by the author)