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Baruh, Lemi and Mihaela Popescu. 2008. Guiding metaphors of nationalism: The Cyprus issue and the construction of Turkish national identity in online discussions. The Russian Academy of Sciences Journal. Language and Literature 2 (1) : 79–96. 18 pp.


This article is a study of three major metaphors organizing nationalistic discourse about Cyprus in two online forums for Turkish university students. The analysis suggests that discussants symbolically warranted their constructions of the future of Cyprus and Turkish Cypriots with metaphors of blood and heroism that emphasized their personal and collective memory of sacrifice. Sports metaphors were used predominantly to convey a sense of the strategic importance of Cyprus. In addition, discussants employed gender and sexual metaphors to structure the tension between nationalist feelings associated with motherland Turkey as a pure, virgin female, and the geopolitical demands of the nation-state, portrayed as a father faced with uneasy choices. (Lemi Baruh and Mihaela Popescu)