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Battino, Rubin. 2005. Metaphoria: Metaphor and Guided Imagery for Psychotherapy and Healing. Carmarthen: Crown House. 376 pp. URL
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Book – monograph
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This is the comprehensive guide for all those wishing to explore the fascinating potential of metaphor. It presents a systematic analysis of the effectiveness of the use of metaphor, and examines: the structure of a metaphor (its essential elements to its optional components), the delivery of metaphor (rapport-building and communication skills to the art of effective storytelling), what makes metaphor work, with examples of poor and good usage. In addition, Metaphoria investigates how metaphors can be used with all age groups as well as the specific use of metaphors for such specific categories as: sleep induction; pain control; treatment of trauma; art therapy; hypnotherapy; preparation for surgery; and more. It also covers the metaphor in Ericksonian psychotherapy and hypnosis, and includes sample scripts and suggestions for basic and advanced metaphors. This volume provides readers with everything they need to fully comprehend the metaphor's unique properties and create metaphors for their own unique purposes. (Publisher Book Description)