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Ogarkova, Anna. 2007. “Green-Eyed Monsters”: a Corpus-Based Study of Metaphoric Conceptualizations of JEALOUSY and ENVY in Modern English. 13 : 87–148. 62 pp.
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This piece of research offers a comparative analysis of two related emotion concepts in the English language, namely ENVY and JEALOUSY. For doing so, the author has made use of metaphoric pattern analysis applied to corpus data and coupled with statistical processing conventionally. The analysis suggests that there are significant differences between these concepts. For instance, JEALOUSY is perceived as more painful and unwelcome than ENVY. Moreover, JEALOUSY is conceptualized as being external to the human body, while ENVY is seen as part of the human body, thus positing less conflict to the person. Metaphoric patterns related to JEALOUSY usually focus on the effects physiological processes have on the mind, while those related to ENVY focus on behavioural patterns associated with this emotion in a culture.