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Bruzos Moro, Alberto. 2006. Sobre el problemático concepto de "mención" irónica. ELUA. Estudios de Lingüística 20 : 33–45. 13 pp.
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The objective of this article is to revise a widely accepted approach to irony within the framework of pragmatics, i.e. Wilson and Sperber's 'mention' theory. According to these authors, irony is a type of echoic utterance that is used to express the speaker's attitude towards the view that is echoed. Departing from this definition, Bruzos attempts to demonstrate that the notion of "mentioning" is problematic. More concretely, it is argued that Ducrot's (1989, 1990) account, which is ground in the notion of polyphony, provides a more effective description of the figure of speech under scrutiny.