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Garcia Baños, Leisly. 2010. Las metáforas irónicas en las coplas de dos personajes humorísticos del programa NP& como muestra de descortesía verbal. Cuadernos de Lingüística Hispánica 16 : 25–44. 20 pp.
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The present paper analyzes Colombian and Venezuelan politically aware, humorous songs from the point of view of pragmatics. The instruments on the basis of which this study is conducted are: irony, impoliteness and metaphor. After a cursory theoretical introduction to these notions, the author first discusses the richness of the metaphorical expressions (most of which are often ironic) present in the corpus of songs under examination. Some illustrative examples are: countries and politicians are portrayed as puppies or dolls, political movements are seen as fairy tales, etc. The author, however, argues that expressions such as “usted lo que necesita es que lo lleven al psiquiatra” ("what you need is to go to a psychiatrist") are metaphorical, which, clearly, does not seem to be the case. Finally, García examines how impoliteness is captured in the above-mentioned metaphors.