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Hall, Graham and Guy Cook. 2012. Own-language use in language teaching and learning. Language Teaching 45 (3) : 271–308. 38 pp.
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Cambridge University Press


This article provides an overview of the issue whether new languages are best taught and learned monolinugually, without the use of the students’ own language. In recent years, the so-called monolingual assumption has been questioned, and teaching that relates to the students’ own language has been revaluated. The article starts by giving a survey over the developing English language literature on the role of student’s own languages in education. The contemporary academic and societal trends having lead to this revival are discussed, where the key arguments, including empirical support for these arguments, are explored. The arguments are linked to theoretical frameworks, such as psycholinguistic and cognitive approaches. The article concludes by showing how a bilingual approach to languages teaching and learning might be implemented.