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Blunck, Paula. 1994. From a "rational" structure to a "socio-technical" system: A whole-mind metaphor for organizational change. Revista Foro de ELE 51 (4) : 422.
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Worked for a company that decided to redesign its organizational structure. Leaders of this particular company, Star Insurance Corporation (a pseudonym), concluded that the development of "self-managed, interdisciplinary teams" (as opposed to a "functional work design") would be a more efficient and effective way to operate. With a healthy dose of enthusiasm and "full support" from upper management, a few pilot teams were initially formed. Although some of the pilot team members are claiming significant and beneficial changes in their operations, these results have not been proven in a "rational," quantifiable manner. Today the managers of this company are wondering how beneficial (in terms of increased productivity and overall value to the corporation) self-managed, interdisciplinary teams really are. (From the Introduction)