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Boxenbaum, Eva. 2001. The partnership metaphor in Quebec health care policy: The decision-making process with cognitively impaired elderly clients in home care. Montreal, Canada. 146 pp.
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Ph.D dissertation
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This research evaluates Quebec's health care policy by analyzing how the partnership metaphor is implemented in policy and practice. The partnership construction is identified in 4 interpretive communities within long-term community services to the elderly population. This analysis focuses on the placement decision for cognitively impaired clients in home care. Interpretive policy analysis is employed to examine 3 policy documents and 3 client files, while grounded theory serves to analyze 13 semi-structured interviews with 2 administrators and 3 open triads of client, caregiver, and case manager. The findings show partnership to be an egalitarian, collaborative ideal widely adopted but with little consensus on the pertinent objects and actors. Important differences emerge in how partnership is applied to the placement decision, indicating a too flexible application. Specific restrictions are recommended on the application of the partnership metaphor in order to improve community services and organizational structures in health care. (Eva Boxenbaum)