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Briley, Phoebe L. 2007. New perceptions of a transformed shoreline. Greensboro, N.C.. 15 pp.
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Ph.D dissertation
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As I revisit a location that is layered with my own personal history, I find myself perceiving this space very differently than I did as a child. In examining this place as an adult, I find that it is no longer the pristine beach that I recognize from my memories. It has changed over time, and has become a wasteland, littered with the debris of decades worth of discarded items. I am interested in photographing the transformation of this beach that illustrates the destructive metaphor of decay and reclamation found on this beach, that mirrors the cycle of our changing culture. It is my goal to bring my viewers back to a slower pace, and allow them to readjust and re-center their imaginations while looking at my work.* (Dissertation Abstracts) *This dissertation is a compound document (contains both a paper copy and a CD as part of the dissertation).