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Bruhn, Rick A., Debra B. Lykke and Bunny S. Duhl. 2006. Feeling the tug: Creative use of ropes and felt board to promote family change. Wiley Online Library 14 (3) : 286–289. 4 pp.
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Experiential metaphor has been used in marriage and family therapy for many years. One example of metaphor application involves the use of ropes and felt board to identify and explore relationships in families. In this case, the mother of a son who was socially isolated is treated by a marriage and family therapy intern, using ropes and felt board as media to exemplify the tugs of relationships, demands, and expectations. Responding to the metaphors, the mother changed relationships with her son, other children, and her former and current husbands. Literature supporting the use of metaphors in therapeutic contexts sets the stage for the description of the efficacy of ropes as metaphor in therapy. The case study offers a detailed account of techniques used. (Rick A. Bruhn, Debra B. Lykke and Bunny S. Duhl)