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Buch, Steffen. 2007. Reflections on a metaphorical concept "Politics is bullfighting". Proceedings of the ICGL12 13 (1) : 81–101. 21 pp.


A subcorpus of journalistic texts taken from the 'Corpus de referencia del español actual' ([Reference Corpus of Present-Day Spanish] Spanish Royal Academy,, 2005) is analyzed in the framework of George Lakoff and Mark Johnson's (1980) theory of metaphor to investigate the use of 36 Spanish words and expressions related to bullfighting as a metaphor for Spanish politics. Three categories of terms are delineated: those describing persons as bullfighters; four terms directly related to bulls, including 'toro' (bull); and a variety of terms designating actions during a bullfight, elements of the course of a bullfight, and the bullfighting arena. Politicians are depicted as bullfighters and their opponents as bulls, and political acts are described as events during a bullfight; not only politics but Spain, its political parties, elections, and the media are equated with bullfighting arenas. Figures, References. (Adapted from the source document) (LLBA, (c) CSA [2007]. All rights reserved.)